Let’s Play a Game, Hasbro

Last week, I received an email from a Hasbro representative telling me to expect a delivery on the following Monday.

I’ve dealt with Hasbro Singapore on a couple of occasions prior to this, and even though The Blogfather had to put up an Editorial Policy (as both a disclaimer for media engagements as well as a guideline for myself when taking in products for review), I did note that the Hasbro people are not that scared of me (last year, I called their latest generation Furby a “furry little gremlin” that was “plotting world domination” and just “won’t die”; they liked it).

And so, as promised, a courier came by my place to drop off a big blue paper bag the following Monday, just before lunch. It was a gun.


These people are really not scared of me.

To be exact, it was a NERF Dart Tag practice set, with a target board, 5 velcro-tipped foam bullets, and an dinky little shooter.

Liddat want to impress me ah?

So I set up the target board, then I tried to take 5 steps back. I said “tried”, because 2 steps later, I fell into the sofa. After I composed myself, I gave it a shot.

I loaded a foam bullet, cocked the itty-bitty shooter, and pulled the trigger. I felt a recoil that I did not expect to come from a shooter that tiny. The foam bullet took off, the target board went thunk, and my son ran for cover under his craft table (the little wuss doesn’t do well with sudden, loud sounds).

I realised this is not your typical mama shop dart gun. Now I know why NERF has a reputation among men who haven’t grown out of their adolescence.


There was a media release that came with the package. Apparently,?there’s a NERF-themed carnival at NEX Shopping Mall next week (17-23 June), where Hasbro Singapore has put together a myriad of Nerf Blasters displays and tryout booths, as well as a tournament called the NERF POWERPLAY 2013, that will begin from 21 June with the preliminary rounds.

After looking through the release, I thought to myself, Oh Hasbro, I’m sure you can do better than that.

So The Blogfather had a little discussion with some of the other dad bloggers, and we have a proposal for Hasbro Singapore. We’d like to have a little tournament of our own, and we want to get our kids in on the action, too.

You set the date, time, venue and firepower (bigger guns, can?); we’ll bring the kids and the fun. We see who win who. Onz boh?

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