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[Review + Giveaway Results] PLAY-DOH PLUS: The Classic Compound Gets an Upgrade

In an effort to boost our children’s creativity, we employ a certain array of play equipment for our young ones. Experienced parents will know this special arsenal of toys that seem to place no limit whatsoever to your child’s imagination – the wooden blocks, plastic bricks, drawing blocks, paints and brushes… all of which pale in comparison to the malleability and versatility of PLAY-DOH.

My own son is enamoured with the coloured compound; our ability to pass by that particular aisle lined with PLAY-DOH playsets is usually dependent on how much is left in my wallet at the time, because Xan simply will not let me pass without bugging me to bring at least something from that aisle home.


Maybe I’m too old; I have long forgotten the days of my own youth where I would muck about, making dinosaurs, monsters, and whatever tickled my fancy when I had a glob of the stuff in my hand. And now, my son is in love with the same stuff, making… actually I don’t know what he makes exactly. He likes to mix them up into marbled balls of various colours, and when we leave him to play with his Play-Doh long enough, he manages to end up with one consistent brownish-black mountain, thus prompting us to get new bottles of new colours.

Truth be told, just about everything I’ve been doing in my life since my son was born has been for my son’s benefit; this blog and Dear Xander included. And if an opportunity to put a smile on my son’s face?presents itself, I take it.?So when I received word from HASBRO Singapore saying they had a playset based on their newly formulated PLAY-DOH PLUS compound available for review, I heaved a sigh of relief. “Good, one less trip to the department store,” I thought.

The Frosting Fun Bakery arrived last week, and immediately I was lost. My wife is the baking expert, not me. How, liddat? But Xander didn’t care how proficient we would be in the culinary arts.


Assembly was a cinch, though. Xander knew where everything went, and after about 3 clicks (from left to right: cake cutter, frosting station and display case) and a bit of sorting (cake cutter templates, frosting extruder and tips, plastic cutlery, a cake stand and other accessories, as well as 2 tubs of classic PLAY-DOH compound, ?and 2 tubs of the new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound), he had himself a table-top baking station ready to go.

Now, built into the playset are moulds of various sizes for doughnuts, bread rolls, croissants (I can spell it, but I can’t pronounce it), cakes and muffins. The big problem I had was that the smaller moulds were really small, and my fat fingers had trouble digging out whatever shape we were trying to make without spoiling the intended shape. Evidently, my son would have better luck lifting the soft compound off the moulds.

Which brings me to that PLUS point of the new PLAY-DOH compound: the PLAY-DOH PLUS compound is softer than its classic PLAY-DOH counterpart. That means besides the usual moulding of PLAY-DOH into more solid shapes, you can now experiment with frostings and cream layers; please to see that oversized pink-coloured?ais gem biscuit (yes, that’s what it’s called, according to Biscuit King) my son has so keenly demonstrated below left.


Okay, now for the juice.


After much deliberation of how to go about doing the draw, we’ve ended up using a randomly downloaded Android app called Random Student Picker to pick the winner of the PLAY-DOH playset giveaway! (I was hoping it would be more drama than this, but anyhoo…)


And the winner is…


Congratulations, and hang tight! I’ll be getting the HASBRO people to contact you in a jiffy!

The PLAY-DOH Sweet Shoppe FROSTING FUN BAKERY Playset retails at S$24.90, and is available at Toys’R’Us and major department stores.