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The Bird Bird and the Bees

The following is part of a telephone conversation overheard by my colleague and her husband during a family dinner, between their 7-year-old son and his classmate, while a Channel 8 drama was showing on TV.

Boy: “Eh, ask you something. When you see the kissing scene in the show, does your bird-bird stand up?”

Mother stops eating. Father nearly spits his rice out.

Boy: “… Ok. … Ok… Ok, I talk to you later, bye.”

There is silence at the dinner over the next 2 minutes. Father breaks the silence and asks:

“So what did your friend say?”

Boy asks, “About what?”

Father says, ” The, uh, bird-bird thing.”

Boy matter-of-factly replies, “He say no.” And he continues eating. Mother already has her hands cupping her forehead.

Dear Xander,

I’m going to have to get back to you on this one.

In the meantime, if you ever have the problem of your bird-bird standing up while watching a kissing scene, you don’t need to let us know. Seriously.



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