The Blogfather, in the SG Blog Awards?

Well, this is unexpected.

I was in the midst of a rather serious discussion on Facebook when suddenly my little FB message and notification icons started exploding with, uh, messages and notifications. Apparently I’m a finalist in the Family Blog category at this year’s Omy’s Singapore Blog Awards.


The first 30 minutes, I was still wondering what to do. Should I call my mother and try to explain to her I have a blog and there’s this thing called the Internet that I’m part of, and now I may win something for it? Should I go around my constituency, say hi to all the aunties and uncles, shake hands with all the young people, hold a random baby and offer free Hokkaido chiffon cakes from my wife to canvas for votes? Maybe I need to go to the police station and apply for a permit to hold a rally. Or stage a magical blackout at the ceremony just as they are announcing the winner.

Then I thought, “Let’s not go there. Just bloody write a blog post.” I mean, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

To tell you the truth, I parachuted myself into the SG Blog Awards largely after encouragement from the wife, a number of other mum bloggers, and the Daddy Matters blogger community. “Register for the Awards,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

Well, thanks, everyone. I wouldn’t have registered if not for this big, boisterous blogger community telling me there was gonna be a party involved. And this blog would really not be as happening if I didn’t have readers; you – each and every single one of you – shaped this blog and everything that gets posted here. So if you’re gonna vote for me, know that you’re effectively voting for something you made happen.

Let the fun begin.

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