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[The Parent Volunteer Series] Beginnings

Back in the tail end of October, my wife pressed me into applying for a parent volunteer (PV) programme at a rather reputable school near our home. I was planning to make a living out of working at home at the time, and thought it might actually be a good experience to document here.

Yes, we also wanted to try and jump queue for our son. But given the debate over whether PVism actually does put your child in a better position to enter the school at the end of the day, The Blogfather will reserve comment… that is, until he finds out in the second half of 2014.

I got a call in late January from the school’s admin manager saying the vice-principal(s) would like to meet me for an interview. My wife (who insisted on going, saying this is officially a family affair) and I headed down a couple of days later, half expecting a job interview, and half not knowing what to expect.

The interview took 15 minutes. They were intrigued that a father was applying, and even more mystified that I was able to offer time during office hours. They were interested in my ability to design, but even more curious about my deep interest in the topic of parenthood (I put this blog and Dear Xander in as part of my r?sum?). We were confirmed on the spot (it’s “us” now, since my wife also attended; since then, every correspondence we receive from them refers to both my wife and I by our first names). I was also told at the end of the interview that in view of my interest in parenting, they will be placing me in their Parent Support Group (PSG).

There was no word from the school again until early March, when a slew of introductory emails came in, spearheaded by the PSG chairman, with a request to set a time for a group meeting. Before the month was over, while waiting for the meet-up details to be finalised, I received another email from another PSG committee member asking if I could fill in for a PV to attend a Primary 1 afternoon school outing — in just 2 days’ time.

I jumped at the request.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is all terribly exciting, isn’t it?

To be continued…


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