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The Travel John: It’s Either This Or Your Kid Pees In His Pants

As my 3-year-old son wades through the throes of his toilet training, my wife and I have had to employ a number of – ahem – unorthodox measures to help relieve him of his – cough – emergency situations. A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law even made me take a 100-pack of polyurethane drink bags to put in our car for when the boy needs to go and we’re stuck in traffic.

And then, whilst browsing through an army surplus store decked out like a Special Ops Force pantry, I chanced upon the Travel John Disposable Urinal.

The box touts the idea as a “leak proof, hygienic, odorless absorbent pouch”, meant for men, women and children for such situations “traffics jams, motion sickness, bad weather, potty training, camping/hunting, boating, flying a plane”. Oh, Travel John. You had me at “traffic jam”.

The disposable urinal comes with 3 opaque army-green bags containing a filter pouch with polymer grains purportedly able to absorb 50 times its weight, merging with your kid’s pee to prevent – among other things – splashing. The pack also comes with 3 aloe vera moist wipes, though I would assume any dad with more than 3 months experience on the job will be well stocked with Pigeon wipes in every conceivable room, car and pocket.

You know this bag was designed by a guy when he uses the word “adapter”. It extrudes out the mouth of the bag, and can be pushed back in and sealed after use, and can cater for both men and women. Technically speaking, your wife can use it too. Practically speaking, your wife might make you sleep in the bathroom for even suggesting it.

The bag’s also resealable, so you can use it multiple times (based on my estimate, maybe three to five times before it really starts feeling weird), but whether you want to is up to you.

So for S$10, save yourself the embarrassment – and fear – of having to tote a potentially explodable polyurethane drink bag filled with yellow liquid to the dustbin. Travel John also offers a “waste collection kit” (S$14) for number two situations, as well as a foldable commode chair for the kit that doubles as a folding chair and “is as comfortable as being in your own home” (I’m just speechless now).

I’ll post an update here once my kid screams for an opportunity to try it out.

The Travel John is available at Black Tactical, #05-40 Funan Digitalife Mall.

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