In the Beginning

Blogfathers! started out in March 2012 as an idea to bring together a community of dad bloggers to learn from each other, share diaper-changing war stories, and exchange tips and tricks to make every-day parenthood for dads a little easier.

Over the next six months, however, I learned many things about fatherhood, the father community and the various family-focused movements that exist in Singapore today, one of which were in fact doing the same things I envisioned for this project.

This website offered me the opportunity to meet many like-minded bloggers, pro-family activists, active dads and dads that wanted to be active, and other wonderful people in the parenting community. They taught me so much about family, about parenting and about fatherhood, but most importantly, they taught me that dads were fully capable of providing their own voice, and I learned I needed to find my own voice as well.

It was a roller-coaster ride for this wannabe community. And it lives on in the Daddy Matters Facebook Group, a fatherhood community where Singapore dads share their stories, experience and knowledge with each other.

About the Blogfather

… his name is Winston. He’s been a father since late 2008, and incidentally also writes weekly letters to his son in a blog called Dear Xander.

Okay, I’m gonna stop writing in third person now.

I got the idea for Blogfathers! when a friend of mine started messaging me about creating a resource for new dads and dads-to-be who sorely needed a place to learn about the technical/emotional/mental/anything-else-al processes of fatherhood. The idea was further supported by my wife who is actively traipsing around the local mommy blogs and was wondering where all the daddies were.

Then during a discussion about daddy blogs in the car on the way home, I thought of local funnyman Mr Brown, himself a father of 3 children and blogfather of Singapore, and I thought aloud, “How about I call it Blogfathers?”

The last time I saw my wife so excited about an idea I had was when I… No, actually, I’ve never seen my wife so excited about any of my ideas.

Soon after, I got a job as a full-time writer at a local parenting portal, and I learned a heck of a lot, about parenting, about writing, about the trials and tribulations parents face at home and at work, and most importantly, about myself.

I’ve since left my job, and today, I’m trying to eke out a living whilst continuing my journey of happiness with my wife, son and this website. Everything I write here?is in my voice and no one else’s. I am not asking for agreement; my experience with my son’s grandparents already teaches me that no one parent does anything quite like any other parent. I merely ask for your audience, and hope you will grant me the honour of letting me know what you think in the comments.


  • Aussie Pete

    Hey, love your work, Winston! Glad to be on your directory of Singapore ‘Blogfathers!’. 🙂

    • Winston

      Thanks Pete! May we cross paths one day soon. I’m really interested to know what life’s like for an overseas blogfather – and grassroots volunteer to boot – in the Northeast!