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A Day At The Races

My wife came up to me two nights ago asking, “What was it that was said when you were racing with your friends as a kid?”

“Racing?” I asked.

“Yeah, like running with each other or something like that. Usually it’s supposed to be ready, get set, go, right?”

I immediately knew where she was getting at. With our short tongues at that age, it was almost NEVER ‘ready, get set, go’. Instead, it was almost always ‘GET THE LADY, CASSETTE, GO!’ She also had her own version which went ‘ALAMAK, GASSETTE, GO!”

It’s small things like this that make you want to be a kid again. And I start to wonder if my kid will ever experience his childhood like we did, and reminisce about it when he hits middle age.

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  • ChubbyHubby

    Alamak, gassette, go????? Muah ha ha!!! That’s a good one. Anyway, I knew of one guy from primary school who could not pronounce the word “helicopter”…he went, “aligatok… jng jng jng (propeller sound)”…

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