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Buy One Get One Free – An Ode To My Love

I’ve always thought my wife was a beautiful woman, and not without good reason. She’s had her fair share of suitors in her heydays (the way tention this post is going, I would say she’s still in her heydays), and has even gotten into trouble a few times with friends whose boyfriends inadvertently stray their attention to her (including me).

I’m by no means the possessive type, so the times when I hear of her attracting attention from other men – especially now we’re married – becomes an amusing anecdote when I hear of it, and sometimes I even think of it as a compliment, both to her and to me. What’s really amazing to me about this ability of hers to draw attention from the opposite sex is that she’s still doing it now, while she’s 7 months pregnant.

So my wife was out with an old school friend in town for dinner last night, her hair down and dressed in a black satin A-line sleeveless number (that hid her maternal status quite well from quite a few angles) and a pair of bell-bottom Dorothy Perkins maternity jeans, she looked like a 7-month pregnant woman who was ready to enter Zouk on a Friday night – and would’ve gotten into the VIP entrance. When she came home from the nice Japanese dinner and catchup with her friend, she told me,

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