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Call me Winnie (a.k.a. Eskew me, are you for real?)

This will get me on Technorati for sure…

Over the past couple of days, one question I’ve been looking forward to answering has been “How did your photoshoot go?” Thus far, I’ve answered it twice already, and both times to it’s desired effect. Here’s an example (in this case, involving my eldest sister and me) of what would transpire between a hapless victim and me when this conversation kicks off…

Susan: “So how was your photoshoot?”
Me: “Not bad. My bridal gown was very nice.”
Susan: (obligingly) “Heheheh…”


Me: “Why does everyone think I’m joking when I say that?”
Susan: (obligingly) “Heheheh…” (followed by a slow realisation of what I just said, and subsequent widening of eyes and dropping of jaw)

I do so enjoy the element of surprise.

I’m gonna spare the rest of you that conversation (I’ve had enough fun with my siblings, best man, and his fiancee). Ladies and gentlemen, call me Winnie.

Geez, this is gonna be hard to top.

This is seriously going to be hard to top.

A few hours after this post was first put up, I put it in private mode for the discretion of my more conservative readers (Donutboy had trouble eating his dinner after seeing Winnie). It’s back up, though, because I always believe, if you’re gonna post something up on a blog, you might as well keep everything open to scrutiny and leave the “Keep this post private” checkbox for emergency use only (fine $2000 for misuse).

It’s interesting to see the reactions of people I know looking at that photo. When I first thought to do this, I thought, hey, I think this will make everyone laugh. I realise on hindsight I should have taken the cue from that family of 7 or 8, who were in the studio choosing their own bridal gowns when they saw me walk out in my plus-size chiffon-shouldered bridal gown, and promptly left the studio in a hurry.

I am quite surprised that this is really no laughing matter in some people’s eyes. Every 5 years or so I am awakened a little more by how closed a society we live in and how carefully we have to tread in our own social circles. It’s also one of the main reasons why I have so few friends in the first place.

To a friend and slightly distant neighbour who had considered doing the same thing, this thing takes more guts than you think.


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