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Change — Yes You Should

I was having a conversation with my wife in the car this morning about why people in love might expect their partners to change for them. This is how the not-very-long conversation went.

Me: “… I’ve had ex-girlfriends who have told me at the point of our break-ups that they thought they could change me. I was like, ‘Wha…?’ Whatever happened to loving a person for who he is, and not who
you want him to be?”

Wife: “Well, I never intended to change you.”

Me: “Awww…”

Wife: “But hor, can you please put your socks into the laundry basket after you take them off? And then and then! You please try to aim properly in the toilet can? Xan must have picked that one up from you right? Whenever I see him pee hor… aiyoooooooh.”

Ladies and gentlemen, my wife, the Mother of Xander.



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