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Don’ch Touch Me!

Anyone catch that episode of Incredible Tales last night that ripped off the Exorcist script, Singaporean style? My wife and I particularly liked the part where the possessed woman look sat this man accusingly and snaps at him in her most tryingly menacing tone, “Don’ch touch me!” Never fails to make my wife roll her eyes, and never fails to make me wonder how come this woman (whom I have noticed on many bit-part TV appearances) still cannot shake off her Lian-ness after all this time?

Well, even after that spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing, oh-my-god-get-some-decent-acting-advice 3-second performance, I still managed to catch a bit of last night’s episode… enough to realise what it’s all about, and really wonder what the scriptwriter was thinking. The exorcism scene is a perfectly flawed rendition of the actual Exorcist scene. How does anyone of sound mind and body take the phrase “I am Legion, we are many” and translate it to “We are legion, there are many of us, too many to count”? I imagine the pained expression of the actress’s face to be the pain of actually having to say that out loud whilst trying to look convincing.

Oh, what I would do to put my hand in the pool of scripts in Mediacorp and change the way these stories are written…

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