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Don?t you just hate it when?

  • … you get up to go to the toilet to take a shit, but halfway to the toilet, you lose the feeling?
  • … you wake up at 9.30pm and realise you’re frigging late for work, then you rush through brushing your teeth, taking your shower (cold water too, can’t wait for the water heater to start), dressing up, grab all your stuff, look at the clock and realise it’s a Sunday?
  • … you woke up thinking you had to work, but realising you didn’t have to work, and now you can’t go back to sleep?
  • … you know you have to go to work, but you just can’t wake up?
  • … you wake up at 8.30pm, giving you just enough time between leaving home and taking the commute to your workplace, and just as you leave the house, you realise your 3 hamsters have escaped from their cage?
  • … you are walking towards your bus stop on your way to work, and see the bus coming and start running, then suddenly realise as the bus passes you and stops a lot further than expected that they moved the bus stop about 500 metres down the road for upgrading works, thus rendering you unable to catch the bus anyway no matter how hard you’re gonna try?

These have been my mornings for the past few months, particularly after moving into the new apartment. I am sure this list will be added to, as I grow to learn more and more that I am not a morning person.

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