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Featured Blogfather: Singapore’s Singlish Ambassadors

As a tribute to this featured blogfather – or rather, vlogfamily – extraordinaire, this post will be presented in both English and Singlish (English pedants, please cover the right side of your screen).

In English In Singlish
Singapore has a new Internet sensation in the form of 4 very endearing children, nicknamed Dr Jia Jia (6), his Big Bludder (12), their little sister Hello Kitty (3), and their latest addition Pall Pall (2), whose online videos have, at the time of this post, landed them a very impressive 8th position in Youtube’s list of most subscribed Singapore comedians of all time. Eh, you all got see these 3 chewren on Youtube not? Sooooooo cute, and dam farnee, man! Famous alledi some more!
Their parents, content to stay out of the limelight in favour of focusing on their children’s antics, have been uploading videos of their children educating the public about Singlish usage for 2 years now, and the YouTube channel boasts 50 very professionally executed videos, including 22 official Singlish episodes, and some public service announcement parodies thrown in for good measure, all scripted and produced by their father. Their lao pek lao bu quiet quiet make veeleeo of them for 2 years alledi, now got 50 veeleeo, inside got 22 episode all talk Singlish one, some more got make fun of TV ads one, choo know? Basically the veeleeo all the lao pek idea. Like very pro liddat, hor?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itzYAkzpc1w]
What’s even more amazing is that, amidst the fun and laughter, the family is also not afraid to talk about the more serious side of life, for despite their 6-year-old’s wonderful talent for comedy, Dr JiaJia was diagnosed with dyslexia. You don’t see everlyborry happy happy laugh laugh ah, acherlly Dr JiaJia got dye… dies… deeser… delicious… aiyah, he cannot read very well, but he still can be so talented you know? Mai siao siao ok?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojt_WgVxqKY]
His father said in an interview with Blogfathers!, “Dr Jiajia struggles quite a bit in his school with his dyslexia. He can’t copy stuff in the whiteboard in time. He can’t read much (except recently he has improved) and he needs his classmate to read him the math questions before he can answer. He couldn’t do well in spelling and was sensitive over it. But he is hardworking and often asked his mom proactively to help him.”However, with assistance from the Dyslexia Association of Singapore, Dr JiaJia’s affliction has improved by leaps and bounds. His father adds, “Until recently then he started to get perfect score in school. He speaks Chinese at home. But Hanyu Pinyin is hitting on his confidence. So you can say he is probably quite miserable in class although he tried to laugh it off. For Singlish he can’t read script. We read to him all the time, but sometimes he adds his own stuff. He has found confidence when he realized people like his character as Dr Jiajia.” The lao pek say hor,… aiyah, you read what he say on the ang moh side can? Wait I say alledi everlyting come out salah how?
Dr Jiajia’s tenacity for learning, coupled with the family’s strength and support for each other, shines through in the children’s online characterisations, making their videos seem effortless and wonderfully entertaining. More importantly, the family has become an epitome of our Singapore identity, and provides relief from the rigidity of our education system, and inspiration for us all. Dr JiaJia is velly velly strong, and I must really kowtow to the family, they all velly lurving one, see the veeleeo you know alledi. Their veeleeo like dam easy to do liddat, but got a lot of meaning one, see alledi make me sibeh ploud to be Singaporlian ah!
Who says we don’t have a national identity? Who? You tell me, I use one long long YouTube go hoot the fella fly to London.

Join in the fun with Dr JiaJia and gang on their Facebook page. Dr JiaJia is also on Twitter. Got connection one, mai siao siao. [DrJiaJia Youtube channel]


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