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Fine for Speeding (no really, it’s okay).

So F1 has come and gone with more twists and turns than Mount Pleasant Road. The news coverage was all singing praises about the whole event, from the parties to the event organisation to the success of our hospitality industry during the period…

And now for the bad news.

My wife and I were driving on the ECP during the practice runs on Friday. Here’s what the news failed to cover. Multiple car accidents all along the particular section of the expressway route where the F1 cars happened to be zipping under. Apparently some of our local drivers were so curious about those foreign drivers and their very fast cars that they have been winding down their windows to listen to the engine sounds and trying to


  • Deb

    I was speaking with a number of Grand Prix drivers who drive for the various cups and they reiterated what the drivers have said off the record. The F1 is pretty much rigged since Ecclestone decided to raise viewership by mimicking golf but at least Tiger Woods has talent. They predicted that Lewis would be in either 2nd or 3rd place before the Singapore race started and just after the qualifiers. We were in the Paddock of a GP car during F1 qualifiers and his team was timing Hamilton and Trulli to make a point. F1 Race control had Trulli 11 and Hamilton 10 when it should have been the other way around. Then Hamilton got 2nd pole position eventhough he qualified abysmally compared to Alonso who they almost disqualified, more on that. What couldn

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