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Getting Your Toddlers To Do Housework

Getting your kid to do housework might not be such a pain if you can manage to inculcate the idea in very early in? his or her life. We’re talking the moment your kid understands when you’re giving instructions and setting house rules, which can be as early as 18 months of age.

Doesn’t matter if you have a maid to do all that work for you; this isn’t an exercise in keeping your house clean and tidy. It’s a course in character building and teaching your child to respect and take responsibility for his or her living space. As an aside, it’s a sure-fire way to impress your own parents and in-laws as well; my own 3-year-old son’s grandparents are always fascinated when they see him picking up after himself, bringing his utensils into the kitchen after dinner and even mopping up food or drinks he accidentally spills on the floor. lists 10 household chores your toddler can potentially manage, as well as the life values each chore holds. The blog post does carry a caveat, though:

At the toddler stage, kids tend to approach chores with more enthusiasm and gusto than actual skill; attempts may be clumsy, and little hands may not have the coordination skills to perform very many chores perfectly. It?s important that parents don?t lose patience and take over when a little one is taking longer to complete a task than they?d like; also, toddlers should never see a parent going behind them to redo their chores. If it?s necessary to finish the job, parents are advised to wait until the child is otherwise engaged to avoid making them feel inadequate by redoing the task.

It will also help to be mindful if your child starts taking an interest in any household chores you’re (or your maid is) doing; if your kid asks if he can try using the mop, go ahead and let him try it. It might just be a proud parenting moment in the making.

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