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The first post is always the hardest. I do so hate starting in the middle of nowhere, but it always seems that’s the only way to go right now; I am in the throes of beginning middle age, and heading back to a younger, more appropriate time to document my experiences, opinions and observations will take too long anyway.

Right, anyway. Let’s start afresh.

I’m a Singaporean, in my early 30s. Married to a beautiful Singaporean woman, with a happy son. Based on my immediate social circle, this is not necessarily the workings of a typical Singaporean life, but we will get to typecasting Singaporeans later.

I’m writing to express my views as a relatively independent entity with opinions and views on a seemingly bland culture and lifestyle that is Singapore. I say seemingly because for a place whose citizens constantly remark as boring and no-life, there seems to be a flurry of views and feedback on everything that is right – and wrong – about this sunny island set in the sea.

But wait. Where’s the Singlish?

Don’t get me wrong; I am not trying to mislead my dear readers with an ultimately localised blog title in an overhyped marketing ploy, only to serve up the mediocre ramblings of a man stricken? in mid-life crisis. It is merely that Singlish is effectively English in words, but the true essence of this beautiful local tongue is in its tonations, as has been wonderfully portrayed in full effect by one Bolo Santosi from Just Cause 2, made famous by Singaporeans and justly causing much confusion to the rest of the world (video courtesy of Mr Brown).

Bolo Santosi

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for the bengness in me to manifest, and we do know it’s going to take some time for any new blog to garner readership, and I’m not too bothered to do any promotion for it right now either. So please, be patient while I figure out what it is I want to say.

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