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So my wife goes, “Start a blog!”

First published in My Ivory Throne

My dear 2-month pregnant wife suggested maybe 2 nights ago that I start a blog while I was complaining about a commercial that was showing on TV.

“You should start a blog,” she said. “Put down all these comments you make about all these funny things into words for all to see.”

Or something like that.

I have thought about it for a while. Having run a blog a few years back, I realised not only do you need to sacrifice a fair amount of privacy, time and brain cells into creating a compelling read, the commitment it takes to keep it running is also very daunting a challenge for me.

I will first state here that I am not going to be one of those bloggers that will paste in song lyrics, horoscope readings and any blog equivalent of song dedications on radio that end with “Stay Kool and Funkee 4Eva”. No, this is going to be serious commentary about serious issues, like why the Ramen Ten ad lady with those irritatingly big eyes never puts any food in his mouth in trying to demonstrating how delicious the food is, and why on a Pizza Hut ad, after 1 bite of a pizza, the couple on TV would rather do anything else rather than keep eating. (Incidentally, I have since switched to Sarpino’s Pizza for my home delivery dinners.)

This blog is also documentation for the new upcoming Tay in my life (I plan to read random entries of this blog to my kid during bedtime to lull the little bugger to sleep more quickly), a record of the trials and tribulations I have had to face as the guitar-toting husband of a pregnant wife and, later, the father of a soon-to-be rebellious teenager.

I think most importantly, I will look at this as an outlet for myself to vent, as most bloggers will. But I promise to vent creatively, as I slave through my life, a hapless 18-year-old stuck in a 30-year-old body and still not willing to grow up and act my age.

And if, for any reason relating to the content of this blog, I ever lose my job, get publicly ridiculed, arrested, stabbed, poked by an old lady with an umbrella, refused service at a chicken rice stall, or disowned by my family and shunned by my friends, I have only my dear loving wife to blame for suggesting I start a blog in the first place.

This blog is dedicated to you, baby.

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