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In Search Of A Happy New Year

New Year’s Days started to get lonely for me when I turned 13. By then the girl I had a crush on had already stopped talking to me, and my exposure to the opposite sex as I went through my first year in secondary school had made me a testosterone driven curious teenager eager to find out what it was like to fall in love.

But I grew up a nerd. Girls thought I had the makings of a good listening ear, but I wasn’t someone they would consider dating. You could say I was afflicted by the curse of the nice guy.

Of course, there’s always the family to fall back on during these times. My family would always join in the frenzy of jamming up the phone lines at the crack of midnight, in a contest to see who would be first to call each other up to usher in the New Year. And while the first 15 minutesof the new year would always put a smile on my face upon receiving and making these phone calls, it wears off rather quickly when you realize it had to be done over the phone for a reason. Being in junior college or university, my sisters were old enough and had adequate enough social standings to party (and party they did). My dad worked shifts at a private airport, and the holiday season would tend to be busy for him. And my mum, well, she’d be with me actually, waiting for the phone calls, and subsequently going to bed after her daily routine of taking care of me and the house.

And what of the boys I knew in school? Being a nerd, and constantly in the company of other nerds, they’d be with their mums too.

Kind of a loser life, come to think of it. I hope your New Year’s was never like mine, nor should it ever be.

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