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Introducing My Sister’s New Real Estate Agent?

So my sister’s been going through this new phase in her life, and I inadvertently got pulled into it. It used to be collector’s handbags. Anything with a handle that can be got for under $200 on eBay and can hold no more than five $10 bills, a cellphone and a stick of gum, she’s got. But last week, after a housemate invited her to design the interior of a 1:12 scale 3-storey house, it has become her new obsession; dollhouses. It got so bad, she even started a blog. Okay, hang on. Make that two(!).

This new hobby of hers has taught me two things; one, that I am actually interested in the world of dollhouse and miniature making, and two, I have a passive-aggressive relationship with my sisters that, depending on the sister involved, can be very productive, or very unproductive.

I’ve been talking my eldest sister (the one who has this affliction for the 1:12 scale) through this whole dollhouse issue, and I have to be honest, I started out skeptical. Why would a lawyer suddenly be interested, no, passionately interested, in a frivolous activity such as making and decorating dollhouses? 2 days into our rather rude MSN debates, it slowly dawned on me that this may well be a transition from her bag phase, and looking at what came out of that bag phase, this one might be pretty serious, rather intellectually challenging, and potentially… profitable.

I decided amidst all the arguing about whose blog is funny and whose writing skills sucked, that I would help her out a bit with this new project she was dreaming up. Thinking about it now, I wonder if I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I did tell her if the end-product turns out to be anything near as justified as the enthusiasm, research and effort we’re going to put into it, I might just switch careers.

If you’re interested, her blog is at


  • Tua Che

    I have cranked up my humour mill by a tat and a half in my latest post. So I am definitely funnier now. Any”o”how, can you check it out cos I have finally decided what I want for rooms. I will try to post reference pics of the “immense rooftop” and Garden of Eternal Enchantments when I finally know what they mean. Guess you can start drawing up the floor plans after your driving test?? By the way, good luck although few have passed at their 1st tries.Tell LizaXandersMama to hang in there. NOT TILL CHRISTMAS!

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