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Introducing the Singapore Man Bloggers Group

logo-200x20013 months ago today, I set up Blogfathers! SG to bring the local dad blogger community together. In fact, the idea was pitched to me by Rachel Teo, owner of Catch Forty Winks and the person behind the Singapore Mum Bloggers (SMB) group.

Over this span of time, Rachel and I maintained contact and shared advice with each other about blogging and the online parenting community at large. Recently she even invited me to join her Trials and Tribulations linky party, which I was more than honored to participate in.

smbgreyTo be honest, I’ve always wanted to be part of this very exclusive inner circle of bloggers, who share more than just blog tips, but honest questions and opinions about parenting and life in this little city-state. I have, on more than one occasion, tried to apply for membership, first as a father, then as the blogger husband of a mum blogger, and I even showed Rachel (and her entire community) my cross-dressing wedding photo (which just today reared its beautiful head again in Mummymoo’s dedication to wedding day memories) in the hopes that they see enough woman in me to accept me as one of their own.

Alas, I was rejected every time.

My efforts did not go entirely to waste, though. Over the last two weeks, we discussed the possibility of forming a male faction of the currently mums-only SMB community. The more we spoke, the more detailed the discussion, and the more it looked like it could actually happen.

Well, it’s happening.


Today, it is with great honour and greater pleasure that I present the spinoff faction to the country’s most tightly-knit community of parent bloggers.


We’re calling this new group the Singapore Man Bloggers Group, or “SMBM” in short, because we realised we have to differentiate even as we consolidate, hence the double-emphasis on the initial for “M”an.

Over the next few days, we will start off by sending invitations to select Singaporean male bloggers (not just dads, because let’s face it, how many Singapore dad bloggers are there?) to be a part of this group, to share their experiences as hobbyists, professionals, and everyone in between.

As part of this sharing experience, the SMBM will also get some access to the Singapore Mom Bloggers Facebook Group page, subject to approval from the mom blogger’s group (a separate member category with different access rights for the guys will be created within the FB group). At the same time, the combined strengths of the Singapore Mom Bloggers and the Singapore Man Bloggers will guarantee great sponsorship and paid opportunities for everyone!

Members are only required to adhere to 3 major group rules:

1. You must be a man.

2. You must be a blogger who is able to maintain a publishing schedule of at least one post a month.

3. You must wear the SuMerBan SMBM badge proudly at the top of your sidebar.

The SMBM group will be managed by yours truly, with Rachel acting as advisor during the initial setup period, and as it begins, the group will be borrowing heavily from the SMB group infrastructure, but I have no doubt the SMBM group will eventually evolve into a (very manly) blooming flower of its own.


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