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Maharaja’s Palace – Best Prata in Town!

Some prata house, eh?
Some prata house, eh?

My wonderfully supportive sister has just given her feedback on my interpretation of what will be the master plan of her brand spanking Indian dollhouse, called rather unassumingly, the Maharaja’s Palace.

I did the whole 3D imaging on a whim after reading her “Day 6” post. I sent her some JPEGs of what I did, and, according to her, blew her away.

Truth is, I didn’t read that much into her post before I set forth into Onion Dome Hell. She mentionedrequiring 10 rooms; a Durbar Hall, a Sheesh Mahal, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, a library and a Grand Bath. After going through the post, I had in my mind 10 rooms; 4 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, one library, one living area, one Turkish bath, one Durian Hall, and one shish kebab. One building term we did agree on, though was calling the dome roof an onion. I think that’s as low as my sister will go with me in terms of “low-brow” humour.

My other sister has sworn off reading the Dollhouse Diaries because “she writes like she’s conducting a history lesson. I will go Zzzz…” Such sibling love, as my wife would say.


By the way, if anyone is in the market for a custom-made dollhouse, let me know. If I get 2 orders or more, I’ll quit my job and go into it full-time for sure.

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