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Making Fathers Look Bad

“Is it just us, or are mums WAY better than dads at chatting to other parents?”

This was part of an status published on a leading household brand’s Facebook Page.

I just couldn’t resist. “It’s just you,” I replied in their comments.

Of course, the offending status post has since been removed, but offenses like this has been happening. Every. Single. Week. If this keeps up, I have to change my site name to “”.

Halfway around the world, there’s a bunch of angry dads hitting out at advertisers and corporations for exactly this kind of talk. regularly churns out critical pieces on advertisers that put dads in a bad light in favour of the stereotype mother’s role in the household.

For over a century, it was the lady of the household that got a bad rap. Business Insider took a look at 18 ads from past to present that shaped public perceptions of the female role, and in all honesty most of them weren’t very healthy perceptions.

In recent years, the men have had the tables turn on them; my experience is a great example. But just as women’s lib has hit out against the objectification and sexualising of the female role in family and society, so it is here that dads are speaking out against gender comparison in parenthood and marriage.

We’re apples and oranges, but we’re still equals. It really is time for all this inane discrimination to stop.


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