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“Not to say I’m biased, but?”

A few years ago when my first niece was about Xander’s age now, my eldest sister once quipped to a friend in an elevator on her way to court or something, “Not say I biased (sic), but I think my niece is really damn cute.”

Fast forward to just a few months ago from today, I get a colleague saying almost exactly the same thing to my wife about her son.

And of course, between my wife and I versus the rest of the world, since Xander was born, we have insisted our son is hands down the cutest widdle cutie-two-shoos on the face of the planet (let’s be fair, the other planets in the universe might have their own standards in cuteness).

It is at times adorable, sometimes funny even, to see parents or kin take to their newborn blood relations with such open arms. Other times, it can be a little annoying.

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