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Now That’s Expedited Delivery

8.08am: “Please come back when u drop Xan off at school.”

The Wife had been spending the last couple of weeks at home while I drove our son to and from school every day as I went to work. Today was no different, until my phone buzzed just as I was pulling over at Xander’ school entrance. She would be a good one week earlier than scheduled if she were to deliver today, but we sort of knew she’d deliver earlier than her estimated delivery date.

Suppressing the inner freak-out I was experiencing after reading that message the Wife sent me, I stayed calm while Xander took off his seat belt, opened the car door, took his school bag, and trotted happily into his school, unaware of what I was now gearing up for. I gave him a big tight hug and kissed him goodbye for the day, knowing all our lives would have changed by the time I saw him again in the evening.

8.29am: I got home to find The Wife in the bathroom, scared stiff, and screaming in pain every 2 minutes. “I don’t dare to move,” she said. “I think you have to call the ambul- AAAAAAAGGGGHHH!

8.34am: It didn’t take long. The paramedics came; 6 to 7 strapping young lads and a stretcher. She said the same thing to them as well. “I dare not move.” To which one of them replied as he set down the blood pressure monitor on the floor just outside the bathroom, “Ma’am, This is probably not the best place to give birth.”

8.39am: Once she was loaded up into the ambulance, I was instructed to meet them at the A&E where I was to do up the paperwork for her admission. I drove off first, thinking I wouldn’t get caught in the peak-hour jam if I avoided the expressway.

8.58am: I got caught in the peak-hour jam.

Meantime, the ambulance arrived and The Wife was wheeled through the A&E, straight into the delivery suite.

9.32am: I only just pulled into the hospital parking lot when a call came in. It was the paramedic informing me that the wife was in the delivery suite, and asking where I was. I managed to spot a car pulling out of a lot, and slotted myself straight in, much to the chagrin of a car waiting just ahead (experienced drivers will know what is the ideal spot to wait for a vacating parking lot; the poor sod wasn’t at that spot).

9.38am: I reached the admissions counter. One of the paramedics was there, and he looked at me with a half-apologetic look, saying, “Mr Tay, I have some good news to tell you. Your wife has delivered.”

“Shit.” I sat down.

He stuck his latex gloved hand out. “Congratulations.”

“Ah, shit,” I said again. Then I took his hand, and shook it with a smile. “Thanks.”

2 minutes later, I was in the delivery suite, looking at this sweet young thing for the very first time.


Her name is Yvie.


(Domain name register liao.)


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