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The Reprieve

Finally we’re on our way.

Our leave has been approved, the tickets are booked, our hotel room is reserved, the relevant authorities have been informed… we’re going on our first vacation as a family (Xander included).

There are worries of course. My wife said last night we are apt to do things unconventionally, and to take a flight when she’s 27 weeks into her pregnancy might seem a little risque. We have been assured by our ob/gyn that travelling will be perfectly fine during this time; we just need a letter endorsed by the doctor that the wife is good to go. But then there are other things to consider.

For one, there’s probably going to be a lot of walking involved. I’m contemplating bringing a foldable stool along and stopping every 500 metres for her to catch her breath en route to wherever it is we’re going.

Someone also told me about in-flight radiation. I may need to wrap my wife’s belly in aluminum foil before we get on the plane.

Food may or may not be a problem. We’ve always been akin to the street-side food there, but at this point, we’re not sure if exposing Xander to the beauty of haphazard cooking is such a good idea.

But despite all these concerns, I think the most important thing on our minds right now is that we’re going on vacation. A proper, full-fledged vacation to another country where we don’t have to deal with the bureaucracies of daytime Singapore life. Sure it’s just 4 days and 5 nights; that’s why this time, we got to make it count.

Hopefully Xander doesn’t decide he likes the place too much and decide to pop out for a good look, otherwise we’re gonna have a hell of a time doing paperwork at immigration.


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