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This is a non-Public Service Announcement

I’ve been busy getting this out of the way. Those of you that have been to the older website will find the new one a little simpler and a lot more refined in design than the old one, but I’ve never really talked about work in this blog, and the only 2 reasons why I am mentioning this is because I am trying to explain why my blogging schedule has been so erratic, and I am hoping someone will look at what I’m doing, decide that I’m good enough to hire for more money than I am already taking home, and save me from my current job.

All that jabberwocky aside, I’ve been talking to a few childhood friends who have reminded me of my rather sizeable childhood comic book collection that I might consider inventorying and putting up on eBay to sell.I do have a couple of good gems in there (hopefully the termites that live with my sister haven’t gotten to them yet), so we’ll see what happens.

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