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Wedding? What wedding?

I find it slightly disturbing that everyone is asking how our wedding preparations are coming along. More disturbing is the shower of concern over my wife’s stress levels whilst contending with planning the wedding and the pregnancy. Why this is all disturbing is because we’re actually not doing very much at the moment.

Tomorrow we’re going out to send out the remainder of the wedding invitations to my wife’s family and friends, on the 12th, I deliver the bride’s dowry to the in-laws, and on the 13th we’re getting all the brothers and the sisters (friends of Mr & Mrs Winston Tay that are going to be helping out with the wedding) after our restaurant rehearsals in the afternoon. That’s about it though, so I really need to know, what the hell are we missing out that nobody’s telling us?

For that matter, getting help from our brothers and sisters draws a blank with me. I can barely think of what we are going to need help with (which is why it’s pretty helpful to have a wedding planner as one of my wife’s ladies-in-waiting). I need some of my brothers to tote cameras around and click at whim, and then what?

I am terribly confused right now, caught between the curiosity of what everybody is on about and the bliss of ignoring what everybody is on about. 18 more days… help! I don’t know what with, but help!

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