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Y U No Share?

Getting your toddler to play well with others is always a challenge; most, if not all of the time, it’s because the kid hasn’t learnt the concept of sharing.

Young Parents has published an article explaining that this is a normal developmental process in children, and where the difficulty lies:

When you think about it, sharing doesn?t actually make logical sense anyway. It involves your child giving away something he likes, without any promise of anything in return ? and maybe not even the item he shared in the first place!

The right approach to this starts from home; the article teaches parents how to inculcate sharing in your child by creating opportunities between your child and yourself, then explaining the intangible benefits and also ultimately setting an example for your child, since this is the age where your child will be following your actions and behaviour as part of his or her character development.

Of course, the ultimate test would be to put your kid amongst other children for playtime, where you can observe and even catch opportunities to encourage or correct (gently, mind you) your child’s sharing of toys with his or her peers.

Go on, think about it and give it a shot. You can always share your experience here in the comments too. [<a href="Young Parents]

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