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You sold me at “Hello”.

Last night my wife and I went to Best Denki, Sengkang. Now, to pre-empt anyone reading this who finds my opening sentence remarkably mundane, I would like to present one of my life’s longstanding mathematical formulas:

Me + Electronics Stores = Me – Money

The other interesting point to note was that the last time I went into this particular Best Denki, one of the salespeople literally pissed me off with his wonderful lack of social experience (that would be another story for another time).

Last night though, one person managed to make me forget my previous experience enough for me to blow $800 on a home theatre system (incl. their 5-year warranty), AND convince my wife that we were spending good money. And he even made us pay for the damn thing without bringing it home!

To be fair to the guy and not label him the new hyper-charismatic cult leader of the Almighty Besty Denki Ukili sect, I have been eyeing this particular piece of audio machinery for a while now, having first heard of its launch through various audiophile websites and reading through reviews of the people who have seen or owned it. So I was immediately drawn to the Onkyo section of the store when I saw the model number displayed with a large $749 staring back at me. Then this skinny guy came in and turned all geek on us as we enquired on the set. (I mean this as a compliment; there has never been a Best Denki, Courts or Harvey Norman salesman I have ever encountered who even knows what they were selling, much less talk in-depth about the specifications of the products they were in charge of.)

My wife was suitably impressed by his sales talk, but I was ever skeptical of all who employ any kind of sales talk and asked to try it out. Of course, it being an Onkyo, the performance was nothing short of superb. The following monologue (roughly put) is what really impressed me about this person’s salesmanship:

“This is the kind of quality you would expect from Onkyo. They’ve been making high-quality audio systems for the

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