Updated: 22 July 2014

The Blogfather has been known, on occasion, to take up invitations to events, products for reviews and interviews on certain topics that are within scope of his knowledge (which includes family and parenting, consumer technology and trolling unsuspecting telemarketers and door-to-door salespeople). But there’s also this thing about The Blogfather being known for staying true to his opinion and being known, on occasion, to take a rather snarky view of things, regardless of whether the topic in question sits well with him or not.

So, as a matter of professional courtesy, I’d like to present you with:

The Blogfather’s Editorial Policy With Regards to Products, Services, Events, Interviews and Food & Drink

1. Products & Services

The Blogfather is more than happy to provide opinion on products and services that relate to family and parenting, with the understanding that these products and services are susceptible to imperfection in any manner, and any opinion resulting from the review of such product or service will reflect as much.

Any offer to provide a product or service (perishable or non-perishable) free-of-charge is solely at your/your client’s prerogative, and should not guarantee a review, nor should the offer guarantee only a positive review; The Blogfather reserves the right to produce a fair and balanced opinion based on his experience of the product or service. Should such experience prove neutral or does not feature well on your/your client’s intended brand identity, The Blogfather will duly inform you of the discrepancy and return you your product (if it is returnable) without further consequence or action.

But if your product or service is good, rest assured even if you don’t give it to me free, I will buy it anyway.

That being said, there will be certain products and services that I will, unfortunately, not be able to write about, due to the audience that The Blogfather writes for; However, The Wife, who writes for Mother of Xander, and I do cater to different audiences, so I’d be happy to direct you to the appropriate audience for your cause.

As with any and all bloggers, The Blogfamily really would appreciate if you at least read through some of our posts to have a better understanding of the kind of readership demographic we cater to before you seek to engage us. We will be very, very impressed.

2. Events

The Blogfather may not be able to respond to any and every invitation he receives (emails that begin with “Dear Media Friends” or “Dear Blogger” do not count), and if I do respond, but time does not permit or the event is not something that I can easily fit into my content structure (even if I do attend the event), I will provide a reason for your understanding.

Do note that this isn’t me being an arse or anything (I’m generally a friendly guy). The Blogfather will certainly go after events that are of interest to what The Blogfather writes about on a regular basis, and will also offer an explanation should an event not be suitable for coverage. I also do not want to negate any opportunities for further events that you may hold in the future.

That being said, it helps if you send your event invitation with ample breathing space, say 1 or 2 weeks in advance; it would stand a much better chance of better overall attendance, and also won’t make me feel like I was an afterthought.

3. Interviews

Ask me anything. The Blogfather will tell you what I know. But if you decide you can’t print it, let me know so I don’t hop around wondering what happened.

I’d also very much appreciate if you tell me where you’re going to print it so I can get a copy. Or just send me a copy if it’s not too much of a bother. Whichever way, The Blogfather thanks you for listening.

4. Food & Drink

In view of the, um, situation I spoke about here, I regret that I will be doing a lot less eating (or at least, conventional eating the way Singaporeans know and love). So although I’m sure the food and/or beverage you might offer up for review is good, I have to be a lot more selective with the food I can eat blog about for the foreseeable future.


You probably got here from my auto-response e-mail, so you know where you can get me. But if you’d like to contact me or there’s something you need to urgently get off your chest, I’m contactable at is also CCed to Mother of Xander so she’ll nag at me if it’s something we’re keen to collaborate with you on).?There’s also my Facebook page where you can drop me a message (I usually respond a lot more immediately there).